Técnica Gavilán

Introduction to Instrumented Soft Tissue Mobilization

This introductory,hands-on Gavilán Workshop is six (6) hours including 1 hour online with a pre-test. You will apply the Gavilán Instruments and your hands with your lab partner. Soft Tissue Anatomy, Pathologies, Healing, Indications, Contra- Indications combined with successful therapeutic concepts will be presented. Participants will learn and practice various Instrumented Soft Tissue Mobilization (ISTM) techniques, utilizing 'Técnica Gavilán' for the extremities and spine.

Performance Enhancement: Improving Flexibility, Strength, Power, Reaction Time, etc. for athletes and active individuals will be included.

Gavilán Instruments may be purchased on the day of the workshop or in advance from the Shop.

Participants should come dressed in baggy-loose fitting shorts and tank tops or t-shirts to serve as a model for their lab partner.

Instrumented Soft Tissue Mobilization (ISTM) certification will be given upon completion of the course.

Advanced Workshops

Técnica Gavilán: The Upper & Lower Quarters

The Upper & Lower Quarter Advanced Hands-On Workshops instruct specific instrumented techniques to release soft tissue restrictions specific to the Lower Quarter (Pelvis, Hip & Thigh , Knee, Lower Leg, Ankle & Foot) and the Upper Quarter ( Shoulder Complex, Arm, Elbow, Forearm, Wrist & Hand ). Each workshop is 4 hours and may be taken separately.

Gavilán Instruments are required.  They may be purchased on the day of the workshop or in advance from the Shop.

Participants should come dressed in loose fitting shorts and tank tops or t-shirts for Lab applications.

4.0 CEUs for each workshop: Certified Athletic Trainers BOC Category A

Host a Gavilan Workshop

If you or your organization would be interested in hosting a 6 hour Gavilán Workshop, we offer public and private workshops for Educational Programs in: Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy as well as workshops in professional clinics and hospitals.

Please contact Gary Lang: Tecnicas@TecnicaGavilan.US to discuss the opportunities for your organization as well as the basic needs of the workshop.